• Username5243

    Numbers up to 20 done!

    September 1, 2016 by Username5243

    Hey all!

    All numbers up to twenty now have their own pages.

    I would like to encourage anyone reading this to start contributing. If you have an interesting fact about a number, just add it in! Don't be afraid to; I don't delete anything unless it clearly is made up.

    Also, here are some future things I plan to do that I'd like feedback on:

    • Pictures: What kind, if any, should we have?
    • Infobox for numbers: Displays information like factorization, divisors, conversion to other bases, and perhaps some common mathematical functions.
    • More properties: If you have an interesting number property or sequence yout hink is appropriate here, just add it!
    • More numbers: And of course, if you want to make a page for more numbers please do! Irrational numbers like…
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